As Photographers, we all run our businesses differently and use methods that benefit us the most. However, I think that there are a few things that you should include in your your workflow to help enhance your client's experience with you.

I may get some pushback from photographers who only communicate via email, but I 100% believe in speaking with your client before meeting them at your session. Email is a perfectly fine communication tool, but when you are speaking directly to someone, it is such a big difference! You are able to make a stronger connection with your lead/client and conversations take on a natural flow. You learn so much more about your client than you would in an email.

I offer consultations two times in my workflow:

1. A lead inquiry - I schedule a phone consultation with leads before they are able to book a session. This initial consult helps us both figure out if we will be a good match. I get to learn about their session goals, budget, and what type of products they are interested in. They learn about who I am as a person, my philosophy as a photographer, client experience, and pricing.

2. Session planning - The session planning consultation happens 1-2 weeks before their session. This is when we make all the final decisions about time and location. We also talk about wardrobe, hair and makeup, what happens during their session, and what happens after their session has taken place. This time we spend together also strengthens our relationship. When we meet in person, there isn't really any awkwardness because we have "met" already and the client knows what to expect moving forward. It's just like we are meeting with a friend!

A questionnaire is just a form containing a list of questions to ask your client. A questionnaire gives you the opportunity to get to know more about your client. You can have a questionnaire that they fill out, or use an internal questionnaire that you fill out on your own as you are speaking with them. I use both types of questionnaires. Which one I use depends on the type of session and if they are a new client. 

We are busy as photographers, and our clients are busy with their day to day lives as well. They have more going on than sitting around and waiting for their photography session. Reminder emails are an easy way to bring their session back to top of mind. It does not have to be long or drawn out. A simple email or message saying, "Hey client! Your session is coming up, here are the details again..." I always send a reminder email before any scheduled appointment with the client. Reminder emails can also be sent for unanswered questionnaires and invoices!

It is super important to create and maintain an email list of your own. You should not be totally reliant on social media to talk to your potential clients and leads. Make it apart of your workflow to add emails to your list. A newsletter is a great way to stay top of mind and continue building the connection with your leads/clients.  

Ask and you shall receive :-) Don't forget to ask for testimonials! It's not that clients don't want to help by providing reviews, it's just that they might not have even thought about it. Make sure that you are not only asking them for reviews but telling them where to leave them as well. Make it easy and include the link or request that they simply reply to the email. You can let them say whatever is on their heart, or you could give them specific topics to comment about. Just don't forget to ask!

Automation may be more of a process than a workflow step, but I wanted to include it in the list because I truly believe that you should have some form of automation within your workflow. Automation is a game changer. You do not want to be tied to your phone or computer all day. Automation ensures that clients receive information on time without you having to remember to send it! Everything on this list can have some form of automation added to it. For example, whether the automation is actually sending the questionnaire, or reminding you to send it yourself- it will take a huge load off your shoulders.

If you need more help with your workflow, I offer 1:1 strategy sessions. Let's nail down a workflow that works for you and makes clients happy! Learn more about my coaching options here!