IPS (In Person sales) is a business model in which you offer your clients physical products and digital images to purchase during an "in-person" meeting. IPS can be a great way to boost your income and offer another opportunity for you to provide amazing customer service.
Let's address some common fears and 7 tips to help you transition or get started with IPS!


CLIENTS WILL BE ANNOYED BY THE SEPARATE PURCHASE. Frankly stated, they know what they signed up for... Assuming that you have explained to your client your process, they are fully aware that they will be purchasing their artwork and images separately after their session. Educate your clients through their photography experience with you and build excitement around their ordering appointment.

I AM BAD AT SALES AND DON'T WANT TO COME OFF PUSHY. You are merely offering options... Instead of thinking that you have to be a pushy salesperson, think about how you are providing a service. Your client hired you with the understanding that they will be meeting with you again to purchase their art/images. Simply show them what you offer and help them make a decision.

MY CLIENTS WANT DIGITAL FILES. You can still offer and sell digital files... In-person sales does not mean that you can't offer digital files. IPS is simply a method. You can sell whatever you'd like to your clients!


SHOW ARTWORK ON YOUR WEBSITE. Make sure you show images of the artwork that you offer throughout your website. You want potential clients to know right away that you provide prints and tangible print products.

NO BAIT AND SWITCH. Before they are your client, leads need to understand that they will be purchasing their images or artwork separately. Always be clear and upfront about your offers and pricing.

BUILD EXCITEMENT. Have clients think about what artwork they may be interested in before, and even during their session. Tell them how beautiful their images will look as art in their home.

ORDER SAMPLES. Samples really help sell your artwork! Place beautiful artwork in your client's hands and they'll want to purchase it for themselves.

START SIMPLE. If you are just getting started, you do not have to offer a full product line. You could start out only offering high quality prints. You could offer frames, or canvases. Whatever you choose to start with, make sure you love the product you are offering. Your excitement will be contagious. You can't sell something you don't believe in.

CURATE YOUR PRODUCT LINE. Carefully select quality products. The products you offer are an extension of your brand, and can elevate your client's experience.

OFFER SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Encourage clients to purchase from you by not offering products that they can purchase from their local big-box chain store.

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